Thursday, January 3, 2008

Akeena Solar starts the year right

Akeena Solar is on a tear. They certainly started the New Year right. The stock is up from about $8 to $13.60 at today's close in just three days. The volume today was an astounding 22M+ compared to an average volume of 650K. You may wonder why this dramatic rise, especially when the stock market's been taking a beating all this week. Perhaps the story behind this press release is one of the reasons. Akeena Solar announced that their Andalay solar panel technology will be distributed in Europe, Japan and Australia by Suntech Power Holdings Co.

The New Year's hardly getting started and already my prediction #1 from Jan 1st is getting some wind beneath its wings :-) I have to believe that there is plenty more to come this year. Its going to be a good year for Silicon Valley :-)


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