Monday, November 5, 2007

Extending Moore's Law to Genetic Mapping

This week the San Jose Mercury News had a very interesting article on how genetic mapping was following the exponential growth associated with the transistor density in semiconductor technology. In fact, an Applied Biosystems executive is quoted as predicting that all the genes associated with cancer would be mapped in five years. That would be an impressive achievement, especially if that led to cures for at least some of the major diseases. The computational requirements for genetic mapping, drug design and related computational biology are immense. I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Professor Adam Arkin at an MIT club event where he touched upon some of the possibilities in this vast field. Its truly fascinating.

Talking of MIT club events and biomedical technology, I strongly encourage you to attend this event on Semiconductor and systems opportunities in biomedical technology on Nov 8th in Palo Alto. :-) An eminent group of panelists from the semiconductor and biomedical industries will discuss potential opportunities of common interest to both. Will write more about this after the event.


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